April 26th at Columbus Commons

In honor of our collective effort

On Saturday, April 26 we invite you to show your gratitude for the service site volunteers and all the natural environment provides at the Earth Day celebration at Columbus Commons.

The celebration, which will run from 11am to 10pm, will feature your favorite local bands, food trucks, kids' activities, environmental groups and businesses, and much more. Bring your friends and family for a full day of fun in the heart of downtown Columbus. 

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You won't want to miss the great musicians who will be celebrating with us on April 26:

Fiddling Dan Cade & Lonesome Ron Slone 
Strange Grain 
Hocking River String Band 
Donna Mogavero 
The Adam Ezra Group 
Forrest & The Evergreens 
The Spikedrivers

Zero Waste

Through a generous sponsorship from Eartha Limited and a contract with Rural Action, Green Columbus is taking its recycling and composting efforts at Earth Day 2014 to the next level and striving for zero waste to landfill this year! 

That's right - nada, zip, zero. But, you've got a job to do to help us reach this ambitious goal. Discard your materials at the resource recovery stations located throughout the Commons. 

Food vendors are using all compostable or recyclable service ware to make it easy for each of us to do the right thing. Let's all show our gratitude for the resources given to us by dropping them in the proper bin and giving them a second life as a recycled product or a rich soil amendment. 

Once you discard your materials at a resource recovery station, an innovative sorting line will be used by volunteers to capture the greatest amount of recyclables and compost possible. After the event the compostable material will be hauled offsite by Eartha Limited.

Filtered water stations will also be placed throughout the Commons so you can refill your own water bottle.

2014 Goals:

5,000 Volunteers 
150 Worksites
12,000 Hours of