Earth Day 2014

Make a Difference in Your Community

Show your gratitude

The central Ohio environment takes good care of its residents. Streams and rivers provide water, farms and gardens produce food, trees exhale oxygen and fix carbon, natural areas and parks offer regenerative recreational activities, and so much more. We're calling this year's event "Gratitude", as we're grateful for all that the environment does and it's time to turn this notion into action. 

During the week of April 19-26 at projects across the region, thousands of our neighbors will pick-up shovels and hoes, grab garbage pickers and honeysuckle poppers, and put in the hard work needed to keep our communities clean and green. That’s what we call gratitude, and we sincerely hope that you’ll be part of it.

All this will culminate in a celebration on Saturday, April 26 at Columbus Commons where we will thank volunteers for their efforts. The celebration will include your favorite local bands, food trucks, and environmental groups and businesses.

2014 Goals:

5,000 Volunteers
150 Worksites
12,000 Hours of