Green Columbus is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable living in central Ohio and globally.


Providing Forums

Green Columbus grew from of the success of Columbus Green Drinks and Earth Day 2007: A Year in a Day, the first city-wide Earth Day celebration in over a decade. Green Columbus will continue to organize Green DrinksEarth Day and similar events, as well as explore new venues that encourage interaction among the environmentally conscious, to work together effectively to tackle the myriad environmental challenges in central Ohio and elsewhere.

Raising Awareness

The first step in solving a problem is acknowledging that one exists. Green Columbus will assist environmental advocates to communicate information regarding threats facing our natural resources. However, we will not stop there. Many of the environmental problems we face today can be solved with existing strategies. So, Green Columbus also intends to raise awareness about what can be done to address both local and global environmental challenges.

Encouraging Action

It is not sufficient for us to get together and learn about environmental problems and solutions, we must also take action. On this front, Green Columbus will lead by example. Our intention is to be a ‘do tank’, opposed to a think tank, initiating and conducting programs that will have a positive impact on the natural environment in central Ohio and serve as an example to others around the world.


Rebecca Mellino - Board President

Rachel DeNoewer - Board Vice President

Shawn Feils - Treasurer

Erich Hiner - Secretary

Aditi Bansal - Board Member

Sam DeStephano - Board member

Ellen Eilers - Board member

Miranda Leppla - Board Member

Mary Mclaughlin - Board member 

Thomas Plute - Board member

Andrew Rozmiarek - Board Member

Matt Unger - Board Member

Our Staff

Claus Eckert - Executive Director