Neighborhood Tree Stewardship Program

In partnership with the City of Columbus Recreation and Parks, Lisa Bowers (State Urban Forester for Central Ohio) and Kathy Smith (Ohio State University Extension) we bring the Tree Stewardship program to Columbus. Starting with the Hilltop and Linden Neighborhoods we want to educate and certify volunteers to promote and maintain existing and newly planted trees.

Why Should I Become a Steward?

  • Make a positive difference in your community: Trees reduce energy costs, support clean air and water, reduce stress, and are related to increasing home values.

  • Tree Stewards promote and care for neighborhood trees to improve the community.

  • Learn basic arboriculture skills and to share your skills and passion with others. Increase public awareness through community education, planning and planting for the future. Provide maintenance and care for young trees in public places.

  • Volunteering as a Tree Steward is rewarding, fun, and a wonderful way to serve the Hilltop community and your neighbors. Get invitations to special events and recognition programs

What Will I Do as a Tree Steward?

  • Obtain Tree Steward Certification Training

  • Learn all about trees, how to plant and care for those in your community

  • Help organize volunteers for a tree activity (planting, mulching, watering, pruning, etc.) on Earth Day and throughout the year

  • Contribute to beautify the neighborhood with increasing a healthy and beautiful street and backyard tree canopy

  • Meet other Tree Stewards and citizens who care about your neighborhood and trees

  • Commit to 20 hours of volunteering in the first year

How Can I Become A Tree Steward?

  • We plan on offering a revised version in the fall. Stay tuned.

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